From exploratory biology to FDA approval, we optimize processes and technology so our clients can focus on the science and can effectively and efficiently develop new therapies.

Today’s research approaches are impacted by data volume and complexity, new and emerging technology, and the need to share information across the enterprise. And the dynamic nature of the research process, the regulated nature of the clinical process, and their interplay are critical to successful R&D initiatives.

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Patient Acquisition and Retention

There’s no easy answer when it comes to patient recruitment, but it is critically important as it advances the science and the treatment of the disease/condition, helps patients receive superior treatment, and supports others with the same condition. We support patient-centered recruitment initiatives and enable Digital impact by leveraging social listening, social channels, and website pre-screening.

Learn how clients leverage digital technologies to recruit patients for clinical trials.

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Precision Medicine

We help companies address the longstanding issue of drug failures which increase the overall cost of development.  We understand how to implement solutions that enable the identification of the right treatment, to the right patient at the right time, in the right dose. This helps refine the long standing practice both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

We support patient-centered recruitment initiatives and enable Digital impact by leveraging social listening, social channels, and website pre-screening.

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Research Data Management

To protect and defend scientific inventions and intellectual property, while providing traceability to pre-clinical studies, companies need a robust scientific data management strategy. Our team of experts can engage your team to identify and define stakeholder requirements, a technology roadmap, data architecture, and define process controls to achieve organizational goals.

Read about how scientists share data and collaborate.

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Research Tools and Applications

The research organization is heavily dependent upon software to get their job done efficiently and effectively. We possess deep domain expertise in the research environment, and have extensive experience with many platforms that can be leveraged to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Learn how to reduce the total cost of ownership, decrease risks, and optimize the value of the R&D application portfolio.

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Clinical Data Management

We support companies by delivering strategies to implement your vision regarding future clinical data, analytics and technology, and business processes. Our solutions identify new data storage that provide compute and analysis technologies, tools for data ingestion, data linage, data catalog and data management of all clinical and operational data. We help establish new data management, data review and data governance processes to provide data transformation for regulatory reporting, to reconcile and clean data using automated discrepancy management workflow 

Read about how data standardization across the portfolio of clinical trials is critical to transparancy.

Our business and technology expertise can help you solve critical and complex challenges.

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