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We deliver Information Management as a Service (IMaaS), an outsourced model offered as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Effective use of information is becoming the key to success in Life Sciences. Having a clear strategy and efficient analytical capabilities is critical. Decisions regarding how to leverage proven and emerging technologies will be impactful.  We provide repeatable and predictable managed services in core aspects of managing and delivering information to the business.

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Meeting the Challenge

We have decades of experience helping our clients meet the challenges that can be addressed by way of an outsourced or managed services provider model.  We bring an extensive knowledge base of proven methods that ensure a repeatable and predictable approach to moving a business function to an MSP.  We achieve results that enable our clients to focus their resources on high value initiatives and position us as a true business partner.

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Major Challenges We Address

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Our Delivery Approach

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Results We Achieve


With a foundation in data management built from decades of experience, our focus on Life Sciences brings a unique set of knowledge and capabilities to our clients.

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Reporting and Analytics

Data is an asset when an organization can interpret it to gain insights. Analytics are vital for companies to make decisions across all areas of the business and operations. We help you prepare, visualize, and understand your data through Business Intelligence and Reporting, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, and formal statistical analysis, such as in support of clinical trials and R&D.

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Governance and Stewardship

We guide clients to gain an understanding of their data assets and how the data will be accessed and used. With a deep understanding of the quality and standards required for Life Sciences data, we provide services for stewardship of enterprise data. We ensure compliance with regulations for HIPAA, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, and SOX.

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Data Management

We focus on building cloud-based Data Management solutions. We have experience developing modern data capabilities, including data ingestion pipelines and Data Lakes for storage. We perform ETL based on your business rules, and we exercise best practices for metadata and cataloging.

Implementing the MSP Model

Hawkins Point implements our Managed Services Programs leveraging our four phased approach to assume responsibility for a scope of work.  Each phase builds seamlessly upon knowledge gained in the previous phase, ensuring the various processes, delivery management practices, tools for governance, continuous improvement, and change management are defined and in place before commencement of ongoing, steady state operations.  

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We’ve Helped Many Companies Achieve Their Information and Data Goals

Hawkins Point offers a full range of Information Management and Analytics services that enable clients to fully leverage information assets and technologies to enable the business.


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