Life Science companies have challenging and complex technology environments as they move ERP systems from on-premises to cloud and continue to implement back office and enterprise supporting systems.

We help clients understand the best path to migrate to the cloud and get the most out of the solution, partners, and vendors with whom they have chosen to work. With our deep understanding of the business processes and technology, we guide our clients to the right choices for their specific business needs and goals.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud ERP is a top platform for Life Science organizations to help run their business.  However, once the implementation is completed and our clients are in steady state, many struggle with keeping the platform running smoothly. Having a team that has been around both Oracle on-premise and cloud solutions can help you mitigate these risks. We provide platform oversight, operational improvement and implementation planning and execution.

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Supply Chain

Managing the Supply Chain is a data centric activity. From raw materials into the Supply Chain, manufacturing and WIP product through the Supply Chain, packing and shipping to distribution sites, and eventual end-point delivery of finished goods, data is generated at every point. Product and Inventory, Production and Manufacturing, Shipment and Distribution, as well as Customer and Supplier data are all key to effective Supply Chain execution.

Learn more about optimizing your supply chan, reducng inventory levels, and maintaining service level commitments

We help companies understand the best path to migrate to the cloud and get the most out of the solution, partners, and vendors with whom they have
chosen to work.

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The pharmaceutical industry is subject to regulatory compliance across many different business functions. The supply chain is no exception. The tracking of product throughout its journey to the patient is a global requirement to varying degrees, with each jurisdiction having its own specific regulations. We provide services that that support the many different partners who are stakeholders and often in overlapping ways from manufacturing to distribution to dispensing.

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ERP Rationalization

We support clients who deal with a history of disparate IT initiatives, resulting in technology sprawl, and a high cost to maintain applications that deliver little value to the business. There are high risks associated with unpredictable software products or vendors, and often purchased software licenses go unused. IT and the business have operated in silos. We leverage our extensive knowledge base to quantify the value, cost, and risk associated with each application, and deliver a roadmap that results in a lower risk, less costly, and more valuable portfolio of applications.

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