Companies preparing for their first go to market drug need to develop new front-office capabilities for product launches, new selling models, and product acquisition. Mature companies that expand into new markets require planning and execution to integrate new therapies with existing commercial footprints.

We help companies understand this business evolution from both a maturity and marketplace perspective.  And we help solve the difficult technical challenges this creates. We define right-sized strategies and solutions with a keen focus on the full scope of commercial business requirements.

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Commercial and Product Launch

The end- game of all the years of research and clinical work is a successful product launch. Too many organizations enter this phase of their product life cycle without being properly prepared for the work and challenges that lie ahead. Creating a clear plan of action, knowing what to prioritize and what not to, developing a strong team, ensuring proper investment and coordinating the complex network of activities are critical tasks, and necessary to meet the objectives and deadlines of a successful launch.

Learn about all of the governance and management process that is needed for Commercialization

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Commercial Data Management

We help our clients manage their Commercial data. We support end-to-end data processes, including data integration with foundational Commercial systems such as CRM, external data sources such as sales channel partners and 3PLs, and syndicated data providers such as IQVIA and Symphony. We help our clients store and curate this data in Data Lakes and Commercial Data Warehouses. We also provide production support of your Commercial data environment in the form of our Managed Services Provider (MSP) offering.

Click to see how to establish standards for defining data models and lineage at all levels of Commercial Data

We can help you effectively analyze and improve the commercial viability of your products by way of generating and analyzing Insights.

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Commercial Analytics

Commercial Analytics are vital for companies to understand the nuances and current state of the business and operations. We help you prepare, visualize, and understand your data. We also help our clients convey their analysis through reports and dashboards in industry-standard enterprise visualization tools. We enable our clients to convey their analysis through reports and dashboards in industry standard enterprise visualization tools.

Learn how engaging with an MSP for reporting and information management leads to improved business outcomes

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Managed Markets

We support the planning and program management of Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement frameworks. This includes AMCP dossier, budget impact model, patient and reimbursement support hubs, patient assistance programs, provider and physician support programs (physician billing guide, payer letter and formulary kit); timely submission of all mandated coding applications, (J- Code, C-Code, Q-Code) for drug reimbursements, and payer strategies (private, federal, VA and DoD).

Discover how to achieve greater analytics and gain Insights that lead to revenue producing actions

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Medical Affairs

We support organizations with the development and dissemination of scientific information relevant to the product and therapeutic area in an accurate, objective and timely manner.  Data Generation comprises the building of a comprehensive scientific platform for your product; development of disease state and clinical data presentations; gathering of physician insights and fostering the environment for investigator-initiated trials. Data dissemination allows your company to develop a publication plan that will detail abstracts, posters and manuscripts, build a strategic medical congresses presence, CME and medical training programs, and manage the timely and accurate responses to information requests from the medical community.

Learn more about Insights that support Medical Science Liason (MSL) activities

Our business and technology expertise can help you solve critical and complex challenges.

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