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Navigating a commercial product launch can be daunting.

The end-game of all the years of research and clinical work is a successful product launch. However, too many enter this phase of their product life cycle without being properly prepared for the work and challenges that lie ahead.

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Key Elements to Success

Creating a clear plan of action, knowing what to prioritize and what not to, developing a strong team, ensuring proper investment and coordinating the complex network of activities are daunting tasks, but necessary to meet the objectives and deadlines of a successful launch.

Three key dimensions of product, marketplace, and organization preparation must be addressed in the plan:

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Our Commercial Launch Services

Hawkins Point helps companies plan and execute a successful commercial and product launch.

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Commercial Launch Health Check

It’s important to quickly assess the key elements of a commercial or product launch program and produce a report card highlighting each areas readiness status.

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Commercial and Product Launch Planning

We work with you to develop a clear plan for launch with a baseline of the organization’s current state. The forward looking plan will include all critical business and technology elements.

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Commercial and Product Launch Oversight

Once the plan is in place, Hawkins Point will oversee the execution of the Integrated Launch Plan utilizing a best practice set of the PM tools, structure and governance.

The Path to a Successful Launch

The success of your product is determined well before the actual launch. Avoiding missteps at in the preparation and planning stages will help manage costs, eliminate foundational challenges, and will effect sales for years to come. You only have one shot to do it right, which is why it’s crucial to have a solid plan.

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We’ve Helped Dozens of Companies Launch Successfully

Hawkins Point Partners has helped dozens of worldwide brands launch products. By following our processes and working with our team, they were able to successfully launch and grow.

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