Business Problem

The client found that numerous manufacturing sites contained far too much inventory. There was a lack of consistent business processes and systems to optimize inventory. The Oracle ASCP module was in production but had not been implemented correctly and so was not adopted. The current state had inventory tracking performed on spreadsheets. The client needed to optimize, but also needed to maintain high service level, while freeing up working capital.

Hawkins Point Solution

Hawkins Point provided deep domain expertise in Supply Chain and Program Management, and specific experience with Oracle ASCP. The team worked closely with the planners community, product supply teams, and product manufacturing teams. We worked with the business community to determined root cause of low adoption. Hawkins Point designed a solution that included a mix of newly defined optimized business processes and a newly designed configuration for the Supply Chain platform. We ensured real time availability of inventory levels, introduced new features, and delivered the ability to measure performance for each site.


  • Inventory ReductionOf $300M in the first year
  • Adoption of the SolutionMoved from 25% to 80%
  • Maintained Service Level CommitmentsOf 99.5% fulfillment during the implementation