Business Problem

Client was far behind in upgrading to the currently available version of the solution and was in jeopardy of losing vendor support. The application analyzed all types of screening and assay data such as high throughput, high content, and SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) for both single concentration and dose response studies. The client needed deep domain expertise and project management competency to ensure a successful upgrade.

Hawkins Point Solution

Hawkins Point led the upgrade program for Research IT. Working with the various Research IT team leads and the scientific departments, we managed every aspect of the delivery cycle. We worked closely with key business stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the business requirements that were not being fully satisfied by the current solution. We then worked directly with the software vendor to design configurations and customizations that were required to ensure the solution met the needs of the business. We employed disciplined quality assurance methods and directed a system upgrade that met each defined business objective.


  • Effective Business CollaborationTo define and implement critical business functionality
  • Vendor ManagementReducing client management cycles
  • Platform ConfigurationThat was delivered as supportable and maintainable