Business Problem

The client was seeking to further leverage digital technologies to support patient recruitment for clinical trials. They recognized that all study websites were executed independently and often resulted in duplicate efforts across the portfolio. They were also lacking any standard approach or best practices regarding content management. They recognized the need to establish a single online platform to manage educational content, provide clinical trial information, and honor their commitment to clinical transparency.

Hawkins Point Solution

Hawkins Point is currently providing Project Management services as well as deep domain expertise in Digital Patient Recruitment in support of this inflight project. We are working directly with the Patient Engagement business function to define user journeys which are the foundation of the business requirements. We are managing the collaboration with agencies to develop user personas, the site map, and wireframes for the foundation of the online solution. We are supporting the evaluation and selection of content management platforms that will integrate as part of the overall solution, as well as contributing to content development. We are driving the requirements and design process to establish a trial finder search capability. We are supporting requirements and design to achieve auto pull of dynamic content from The project is now in phase two of a proof of concept to prove out the design and the selected technology.


  • Become the Sponsor of ChoiceFor HCPs and patients
  • Honor the CommitmentTo deliver Clinical transparency
  • A Consolidated PlatformThat presents information in a patient-friendly display