Business Problem

Client recognized small molecule drug discovery evolved without a unified systems strategy and with limited focus. A poorly understood landscape that lacked data flows and process maps made it difficult to articulate new technology management strategies.  A significant investment was required to improve scientific data analysis and management. 

Hawkins Point Solution

Hawkins Point collaborated with Research IT staff and scientific departments to develop a series of data flow models. These models described the processes of compound creation through assay development and execution, documented with process descriptions, data flow types, and software. We also established a process for selection of development candidates. Additionally, Hawkins Point developed a reporting application providing tabular views of data and process information. Models were used to support decision-making, systems selection, and implementation choices.


  • Data Flow ModelsProviding a comprehensive view of end-to-end data flows
  • Reports DevelopmentTabular and filterable reports supporting analytical queries such as ‘Where is application X used?’
  • Improved UnderstandingOf business processes and system interactions