Business Problem

Client recognized that systems supporting small molecule drug discovery were reaching a critical state due to uncoordinated investment, stagnation, and technology sprawl. There was limited engagement between IT and the functional areas. With new senior management across IT and the scientific organization, client recognized a need for new working ways and systems landscape to support the evolving needs of the business stakeholders.

Hawkins Point Solution

Hawkins Point worked across Research IT and the scientific departments to establish a new governance approach, creating an Operations Team, facilitating a Steering Committee, and comprehensively engaging IT and the business. We provided deep domain expertise in research and development and implemented a central data repository for scientific assay results.  Additionally, we developed a foundational set of data flow and process models and facilitated a business-led data governance initiative.


  • Application StrategySoftware evaluation and selection process, planned and managed implementation
  • Increased GovernanceOperations and Steering Committee governance groups in operation
  • Improved CommunicationsAnd collaboration between IT and the business